It's all good feed back February 01 2014

"Video 1 is my first swing and you can see the feedback I instantly got by using the training tool. My right foot was moving so much during my downswing that it basically lifted up the swinggait on the right side.


Video 2 was my second swing after getting the feedback. My right foot was a lot quieter during the downswing and no longer moved the swing gait around. I was also using the red alignment part to work on my take away.  In both swings My takeaway was slightly inside and now it is right on plane by adjusting the red part to follow my back swing along the red guide..



It is all great feedback."

As you can see Thomas is an advanced golfer who still has something to learn from Swinggait. The instant feed back he gets lets him know that his balance is a little off.  Along with the feed back on is footwork he is also getting a visual line to follow on his take away and follow through.  He probably could have benefited from bringing the swing plane guide out a little closer to the ball, but he is doing what works for him and getting feed back where he needs it.