FORE Magazine November / December 2013 December 08 2013

We are featured in the November / December 2013 issue of FORE Magazine. Here is what they said:

The Swinggait is an adjustable alignment tool that assists golfers with proper foot placement and body posture when ad- dressing the ball. The motion of the back swing becomes consistent with the cor- rectly positioned red Duraflex swing path, which can adjust to any swing and club including a putter.

“I found this golf aid to be quite helpful. I enjoyed its features most when I used it
to bolster my putting stroke. I really found the red swing guide bar to be a great gauge of my stroke. I would line my putter perpendicular to it and as I brought it back I could see my alignment and it gave me immediate feedback. The follow through was equally easy to judge. The more I used it to practice putting the better I got at a smooth, square stroke. When I used 
it for iron play it was most beneficial in addressing the ball. I have been working on having the ball slightly forward in my stance and I found that after using it at home for a couple of weeks I was able to address the ball at the range and on the course in my desired foot/ball placement.”

—Lee Jackson, 19.0 H.I.